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Thursday, June 3, 2010

hello again after a break

I have been taking some blogging time off to get my life together. After a year of job searching, I have decided to make my own job.

First, I started at the Wayne Art Center and was lucky enough to get hired as a part-time ceramic tech. This has me very busy, loading and unloading kilns, mixing glazes and cleaning (the clay traps are particularly choice jobs). So half of my working week was fixed.

The rest of the week I am an "elder personal assistant". I drive, clean, cook, garden, organize, file, and anything else that is needed. This is a good thing, helping others and not trying to get folks to buy stuff they might not need. Or struggling with website coding, not fun at all.

No pictures little pot got fired (a mediocre naked Raku, at best) and then somehow jumped off the table and died an uncertain death. Rey's beloved fish, a bottom feeder, somehow made it to the top of his tank and jumped. He crawled towards the refrigerator and expired there. We don't know why these strange things happened, but we are very sad about them.

So today I am creating a gnome for a cross country croquet tournament and that will be photos and a story to tell.

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  1. Elder Personal Assistant? I would look forward to every meal!