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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Before my wonderful neighbors from Rexford Square gave me a coupon for the Wayne Art Center that started my second life as a ceramicist, I did reliefs that I could mold and cast in plaster and cement. I didn't fire anything, but, rather, painted all my moldings. Even them I loved tiles and wall plaques. There are 2 of a series that I did  to adorn a shelf that Rey built me. Inspired by my recent trip to Positano, this is Rey (he wasn't there, but all men are Rey to me...well, that's the tale I tell....) in the coast. and a fish motif. These are painted plaster with inks that saturated into the plaster.

Then I was inspired by the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, PA. I just love tiles and that show made me rush home and start designing them. This flatware tile was one of the first attempts I made at drawing tiles and then Raku firing them. It is the only one I haven't sold or given away.

Then I made some that were more like my reliefs. Again, the Raku firings. I did sets of 3, but have sold most of them and these are the few I saved. Still far from entering the Tile Festival, but I am setting my sights on 2011. By then I should be better at this and have some quality samples to submit. If I am a good girl and work REALLY hard....

Then I tried to use my plaster mold to create a version of "5 Italian Trees" that I made for the 5-year anniversary of Christopher and Jim. This wasn't as sucessful, too busy for the flashy Raku colors. I have since learned a thing or two and will try again using the method I used on the Ocean Bowl, lighter colors under the clear glaze. It might work. Until then...Tomorrow I will be doing my version of Project Runway.

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