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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, the oakleaf motif

Today I am having trouble concentrating on the computer. My spousal equivalent, Rey, whipped up a big vat of turkey meatballs in a red sauce. His sauce has cooked carrots, zuchinni, dried herbs from the garden, and who-knows-what-else. He is known for his creative touches and I never know exactly what I am eating. The meatballs are really good, I can taste the hand-ground cumin and golden raisins among the other flavors. Yes, eating is good today at Casa Joie.

These pots are Oakleaf ware, inspired by the fact I needed something for the Radnor Show last year and thought leaves from the township would be good. Also to commemorate the death of Rey's massive oak tree (which was hollow in the middle and had to be put down). That tree was heere before Radnor was Radnor, so it was exremely sad to loose it.

I am still experimenting with the Raku shapes...I have found that blue tape of green frog tape works better than wax resist (the blacks never get really black for me) or sprayment on paper. this pot I used the sprayment and think the leaves stayed grey because of the sticky glue. I liked it anyway and sold it at my Art sale last November.

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