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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ceramic Blast from the Past

Working on the WAC Raku blog had me thinking about the good old college days. I was a painting major who really wanted to be in ceramics. Finally I got a minor class with Doug Baldwin and later another class in San Francisco with an instructor that I loved, but after 35 years can't remember his name...searching the internet didn't help. My loss. Anyway, here are a few things I did way back then when I was a hand-builder. They were big and, and even then, I lived in very small places, so they were all given away and where they are now, I know not.

This is a pregnant Ubangi woman made in 2 pieces so we could move it and get it into the kiln. I used earthenware with lots of grog and porcelain for the eyes and teeth. I had only a 33mm camera back then and was never sure if any or my photos would come out, this is the only one I have of this piece. I did not major/minor in photography... all the other pieces were taken with the same hit or miss technique, so.....

You can see that I had a real kitchy edge to my work back then, ....perhaps living in Baltimore and having the cast of Pink Flamingos model in my drawing classes? Or living in San Francisco, no comment. The woman in the opera dress is a cookie jar.

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