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Friday, April 2, 2010

First Friday

Project Runway will have to wait until Monday, there was a hem we are talking Porcelain Teapot. I took a few risks here, leaving the stripes unglazed, but it makes a really nice contrast in texture and color. These are photos of the kiln room and the finished tea pot, side and top. I used one colo glaze and hoped for a good reduction. I got it...thanks to the expertise of Rich, John, and Brett. AND, it actually has a dripless pour! What's better than that?

Later, I am going downtown to view some of the galleries. I saw some wonderful pictures of very, very large pots yesterday and was really impressed. My list of showings is almost as big as "Gone with the Wind"....but maybe I can condense to a size that will fit into my new spring purse (nod to Monday's blog)

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