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Monday, April 5, 2010

one day of glory

I am waiting for my images for the Project Runway blog, which marries recycled fabric and Raku. It will be worth the wait, I hope.

A few years ago, Radnor Township came and planted 3 cherry trees. One in front of my house and one in front of each of the neighbor's on either side. They have been disappointing in every way but size until this year.

Finally, some real blooms and they were spectacular. Unfortunately, this morning all the blossoms had blown away....and the 3 trees were back to their mundane appearance once again.


Then in my back yard is the Kerria Japonica, which lasts a long time and makes me happy every time I venture back there...which brings us to the ceramic of the day.

When I went to the Flower Show, I was overpowered by beautiful blooming specimens. I brought home 6 air plants and each one has bloomed it's own weird little bloom. The current bloomer was so lovely it got it's own Raku pot. I hope that it will be encouraged to bloom again as a result.

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