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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration in a Florida Garden

When I was in Florida last week, my long time friend Denise had me over to see her studio, pottery, fish, turtles, cats, garden, and beautiful home. She was doing pottery long before I even thought about it. Her hand-built creations are whimsical, colorful and really lovely. A well of information, we spent a lot of the day talking about ceramic procedures and techniques.

The rest of the time we looked at her plants and played with her animals. She has all kinds of fish, cats, and turtles, one of which is a tortoise. We walked into his pen and he ran over to see us. I know it is hard to imagine a turtle moving that fast, but he did, just like a dog would. She raised him from a tiny little thing to this rather large boy. And he will get even bigger.

Mostly, I was inspired by her garden and the really wild succulent collection. I wanted to mold them and make tea pots. The texture is really something and I have a million ideas about how to get a ceramic pot to look like them.

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