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Monday, April 26, 2010

how we do it.

I thought it would be fun to show a piece from start to finish, leaving out the boring parts. This jug is going to be part of a special naked Raku firing. I will say more about that when I get near to the firing. I will include videos because it is so fun, especially for guys who love playing with fire. So, since I have rented my shed out to a master woodworker, I am making do with my basement studio for a little longer. Here is where I do most of my pottery, the rest is done in the well lighted and spacious Wayne Art Center.

Then in my spare room, which included the water heater and gas furnace, I have the shelves. this is where I praise the IKEA Gods every day. You will see that I have gone full Sten. Not half Sten, but full and with a touch of Gorm. I also enlist the washer and dryer for even more shelf space.

Then there are the tables, one covered with canvas and a small wedging area and the other for drying tiles (currently, large leaves) with slabs of drywall. As you can see in the background, more Sten.

So, the clay has been wedged and slapped and thrown. This is the fun part, but since I can't film myself, you must imagine me hunched over my wheel...Think Demi Moore in Ghost. This is what I prefer you to think, should you waiver to other not so complimentary images. And, low and behold, here is a jug. Tomorrow we will trim and add the handles (I can film that as it is a hand-built affair).

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