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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

not ready to post...

I haven't moved along with the naked Raku project. There is nothing to photograph yet. Tomorrow I'll be adding the terra sigillata, so I'll show that then. But today...the garden. When I went to Florida there was nothing growing, just a few daffodils, but when I came back it was in full spring. Not half spring, but here are a few pictures of how lovely the East Coast can be.

 a view from my deck.

Here is what I did with the fabulous bowl that John Wilson gave me. It fit perfectly on my pedestal. The birds love it and there are usually 3-4 bathing in it at once...maybe not this week, in the cold....there are little gold specs that look celestial in the sunlight.

and my oregano and parsley made it through the snowy winter as did the scrawny Wisteria (left of garage) and the Japanese maple  (right of garage)You can see the shadow of Figgy, who promises to produce more than 1 fig this year...of else!

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