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Monday, April 19, 2010

when the going gets tough

We are in hard economic times, or at least I seem to be. It just forced me to be creative, very creative. I was watching Project Runway one night and when the guy who made a fantastic outfit from actual garbage bags won, I figured it was about time for me to make something too. So, up to the attic to look at my dress dummy. Yes, there she stood, with my old body... (the new body grew 2 inches on the waist and a few more on the butt...not sure how THAT happened) I looked around and found an old yellow chenille bedspread...a present form a dear friend and one I vowed to make something of (before I die) Yes, that's the ticket I thought. Easy. I could see it in my mind, already done and a cute little green skirt to match.

So, I didn't have a pattern or any of that red tape they all use...I just had to wing it. I had some ideas about it...If Carol Burnett could do it..... with curtains, a king size bedspread should be a snap.

I got most of it done and made the pattern match both front and sleeves. That took most of the bedspread...I ended up with a few pieces and two weeks later, I had a jacket, with 2 secret ipod pockets and a small purse to match.

Getting into it, I also created a necklace and some earrings. you will notice the Raku buttons, which was actually what I based the entire jacket on. A vehicle to show off the buttons...So we are talking Raku, yet again.


So, it made it's debut at First Friday, where in a gallery a woman stopped me to admire the jacket...I was thrilled until she whispered in my ear "you made it from a bedspread, right?"

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